Words of Wisdom on Cybersecurity Management and Policies

When experts in the field are willing to share their expertise, who are we to argue?  We are excited, therefore, to pass on a great guide on these thorny issues from Sharon Nelson (Esq.) and John Simek of Sensei Enterprises – technology and cybersecurity gurus extraordinaire, national experts and founders of the company.

In this article they pose the following questions and provide expert guidance.  Can lawyers actually manage their technology (instead of it managing them)? Can firms create and enforce policies that provide a secure environment for their users and protect client data, rather than acting like computer usage and security if the “Wild Wild West,” where anything goes?

Buying, implementing, replacing, and securing technology are huge challenges – especially when you have billable work to do. And yet, technology (and the policies that govern its usage) is the most important part of a law firm today – at least after the carbon-based units!

Read their article on Technology/Cybersecurity Management & Policies; and remember, Practice 2.0 is a State Bar of Arizona member benefit.  Call us at 602-340-7332 for quick help by phone or to book a longer consultation by phone or in person.

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