Are you well?

Wellness.  It’s the newest buzz-word; OK that and mindfulness.  Have you rolled your eyes more than once when someone starts to discuss wellness?  But when we talk about wellness, are we just talking about physical health?  Or are we, as we should talking about not only physical, but mental health?  And the health of our practices and careers?

At the 2017 State Bar Convention last week, the Member Assistance Committee and Practice 2.0 co-sponsored MAC Minutes – a series of short presentations on a variety of subjects from time management to substance abuse to mental illness to the more traditional health and wellness.  The presentations, brief but fact-filled, make us wonder, are you well?

Law is a stress-filled profession; it can be simultaneously invigorating and exhausting.  Many experts have discussed the impact of vicarious trauma – the consequences of taking on the emotional burden of clients in crisis.  Are you taking care of yourself?

It’s a multi-level question and the answers, we suspect, are as complicated.  Are you exercising, making healthy eating choices, attending to your inner lives, seeking balance in the way that makes sense for you and, if you have one, your families?  Are you enjoying the practice of law or the area of law you have chosen?  Is your practice well?  Is it running well and are you able to concentrate on the important stuff while wisely using human or technological resources to minimize the time you spend doing administrative or non-lawyering tasks?

We are posing the questions . . . there are no simple answers.  But the Bar has resources for you if you are seeking change.  Our Member Assistance Program provides volunteer peer support if you are experiencing personal challenges.  Our Practice 2.0 program provides advice and counsel on running your practice, on making your procedures more efficient, and a variety of practical law office issues including technology.  Want to talk?  We’re here.

Member Assistance Program, 602-340-7334

Practice 2.0 practice management advice line, 602-340-7332


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