Yes, but is it compatible?

New technology, new equipment, new apps or software . . . they are bright and shiny – they do bigger and better things than before.  But before you take the plunge stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself . . . .will it work with what I already have and want to keep?

Learning this lesson the hard way can be painful.  Take, for example, the transition to new equipment – let’s say phones – only to learn that they do not work with your existing operating system, switchboard or other hardware.  Learning that the system you’ve just bought works only on Windows 10, and not the version you have been using and hadn’t intended to update quite yet, can stop progress in its tracks.  Or dealing with another person, agency or company whose software works only on an older operating system and either very poorly and not at all on yours can be daunting.

Having an IT professional you can call upon to resolve these issues can save a lot of heartache and frustration.  Do you need a full-time IT person on your staff?  For most lawyers the answers is no.  But you should have in your contacts (or for old-schoolers, Rolodex) one or more IT consultants you have already vetted and know you can afford.

A word to the wise.  Start looking for that person now before you hit a roadblock.  Ask around – someone you know probably has that information for you.  If you find someone great, we’d love to hear about them at Practice 2.0.  We don’t make referrals, but we do compile helpful information to make your work life a little easier.  You can send that information to us at



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