As we bid farewell to 2017 . . .

As we bid farewell to 2017, your loyal Practice 2.0 folks are making our practice management wish-list for this holiday season.  What would we like – mostly for you, but some for us . . .  here goes.

1.  Two-factor authentication.  If you aren’t using it, it’s time.  The big data breaches that came to light in 2017, even though some of them  occurred years before, should bring home to all of us the need to secure our data.  If you aren’t yet using two-factor authentication, now’s the time to start.

2.  Succession plans.  It’s never too soon to plan for succession or business continuity.  Yes, we’ve mentioned this before, but in this case more is more.  Do you have a plan for when people leave your firm, when you plan to leave, or if you are suddenly unable to practice?  Check our succession planning manual and forms, then then call us for a consultation if you need help.

3.  Focus on well-being.  We can’t be the best lawyer unless we take care of ourselves.  Taking time for ourselves, for our physical and mental well-being, and to be with our families and friends is important.  It’s not an interruption – it’s a priority.  We count too!

4.  Be grateful.  Thanksgiving is a delicious reminder to be grateful – to take time to be mindful of this great profession, of our good fortune, and for  our colleagues, our friends and our family.  Maybe pets, maybe something else.  But the idea is to take the time to reflect and appreciate.

This list could go on and on, and maybe we’ll have a supplement, but we’ll end with this:

5.  Practice 2.0.  We are your resource – we are here for you.  We want to help you be the best lawyer you can be – and have the best practice you can build and grow.  It’s free, it’s confidential and it’s a member benefit.  Give us a call, book an appointment, and let’s talk about your practice and how it can be raised to the new level.


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