Have you already committed to attending the 2018 ABA TECHSHOW? There’s still plenty of time.  Register today, you won’t be sorry (and use the code at the end of this post for a discount on the registration fee!!) ABA TECHSHOW will be in a new, bigger, location in 2018 – and your Practice 2.0 folks can’t control our happy anticipation.

As a reminder, for those of you who don’t remember our last 2017 post . . Each March – for at least the past 30 years – the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division plans, coordinates and runs one of the most amazing technology conferences.  In addition to multiple (five – seven) tracks of sessions on all things law-related technology – from practice management to e-discovery to innovations to  . . . well, use your imagination – they also assemble an amazing exhibit/vendor hall where lawyers, legal administrators, or anyone involved with the practice or business of law can talk to vendors and try out a myriad of law-related technology products.  Think of being a kid in a candy store, but you aren’t a kid and the candy is every version of technology related to the legal profession you can imagine.  And it’s not bad for you; it’s not fattening, it won’t hurt your teeth, and it won’t have your dentist, nutritionist, mother telling you to step away.  Wait, and there’s such a variety of educational sessions it will be hard to choose just one per time slot!!

The 2018 TECHSHOW (yes, it’s absolutely necessary to capitalize all letters) will be March 7 – 10, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.  Each year attendance grows and the faculty, already stellar, becomes more so.

State Bar of Arizona members, or any readers of our blog, if you are going to TECHSHOW, use code EP1810 at checkout for a discount on your registration fee.  Register and see the details at http://www.techshow.com/. See you there!!

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