Have you registered for the 2018 Bar Convention?

It’s June and the clock is ticking.  It’s almost convention time again for the State Bar of Arizona!  Maybe you are wondering “why should I go to the Bar convention?”  After all, it’s June, it’s hot (at least it is in Central and Southern Arizona – no gloating from you Northern Arizona lawyers!), and maybe you are thinking that three days at the beach might be better.

You couldn’t be more wrong.  There is no other event for lawyers in Arizona that pulls together as many lawyers, from as many areas of practice for three days of quality CLE and fun.  Yes, it is fun!

So, here is our short list of reasons you should attend the 2018 State Bar Convention (at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass — not the casino, the luxury hotel less than a mile past the casino).

  1.  Over 50 seminars to choose from on an amazing array of topics.  You can hone your knowledge in your current area, or learn about a new area of law.
  2. We’ll be showing a movie!  Have you seen Marshall?  It’s the movie about Thurgood Marshall’s early days in practice – before he became Justice Marshall.  Not only that, but we have one of the film’s writers coming to join in the discussion after the film.
  3. Do you wonder whether Lawyers Got Talent?  Come to the Thursday night party and see for yourself the other talents your colleagues have . . . there’ll be music, comedy and more.
  4. Puppies!!!  Need I say more?
  5. Network with lawyers from around the state.  You can never do enough networking these days and this is the perfect venue.
  6. Since we mentioned the heat, should we also mention that it’s cool and comfortable at the Sheraton.  Enjoy the inside – they have an amazing lobby – or the outside at the pool – after your sessions each day.
  7. Someone you know is probably a presenter.  Remember those 50+ seminars?  Most of them feature local speakers.  And the ones that don’t feature national speakers you’ll want to hear!
  8. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Ethics Game Show.  How can you miss that?
  9. Vendors – we have a great exhibit hall with all kinds of services and products you should know about.
  10. There’s free WiFi, there’s free coffee, and you can get a free head shot (isn’t it time to update?)  Learn about techniques to keep you happy and healthy in your practice and help to balance your life.

We know, we said a short list, but truly, it’s hard to keep it short.  We could go on and on.  If these reasons don’t convince you, well then come anyway.  You can get a year’s worth of CLE in one place, in three days, and have a bit of a staycation while you do.


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