Fall is finally here, at least on the calendar and Practice 2.0 is ready!

Labor Day and the equinox signalling the beginning of Fall have come and gone.  For those of us who grew up with four seasons that meant that the weather was cooling off, school had started and we had a  bag full of new school supplies.  Of course, in Arizona we haven’t quite cooled down (or not enough, at any rate) or seen the leaves beginning to change but school has started and summer vacations have come and gone.  The pace has picked up at the Bar – sections are meeting again, we are planning for the 2019 Convention, and notwithstanding the weather, it seems like a new year is on the way.

This is the perfect time to revisit your law practice management.  For some, maybe it’s your policies and procedures – maybe you have new associates joining the firm in the wake of the July Bar exam.  Preparing to onboard new staff, either lawyers or paraprofessionals, is a great time to see whether the way you’ve been doing business still works – or works as well as it should.  Maybe it’s time to put your procedures into writing for the first time, or maybe brush the dust off the procedures you’ve been using and revise.

It’s also a great time to do a practice technology check.  Are you using platforms that work for you?  Are you comfortable with your practice management software – or maybe you aren’t using any and should consider it. Maybe you are happy there, but you are considering (or should be) implementing the next step in automating your firm.  Whether it’s client relationship management software, or email encryption, or other technology tools to make your life easier better serve your clients, we have help for you.  Check out our Practice 2.0 practice management comparison chart, and our list of “cool tools” compiled to give you a place to start when considering law office technology.

It’s also a good time to think about making a telephone or in-person appointment to have a consultation on any of these issues.  Practice 2.0 practice management advisors are available to discuss procedures, technology, marketing, networking, and more.  Check us out at http://www.azbar.org/Practice20 or give us a call at 602-340-7332, if you think you need a reboot as the year gets ready to do the same.

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