Do you set goals for yourself and for your practice? We know it’s easy not to do it. The days go by, you are busy working, managing the day-to-day activities needed for your practice, and setting goals (particularly if it’s just you in your practice) can seem like a waste of time. You know what you want, right? More clients, better business, likely more profit.

But how will you get there? What will you need to do to achieve those objectives? Maybe you have a vague idea, or even more than a vague idea – but do you have a plan for how to implement those ideas? And how will you know if you’ve succeeded?

Well, my process-averse friends, the answer is goals.

Goals should be SMART (thanks to the Bar’s Chief Member Services Officer for this acronym) – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Some of these are pretty obvious, or are they? Setting unrealistic goals is the road map to failure. Going from starting a practice to dominating your practice area in a short time is likely unrealistic and not achievable. But increasing your business, or your net profits, or your client satisfaction scores by, let’s say 10% over your current status is achievable in a reasonable amount of time – a year.

Once you decide on your goals, you’ll know how to best prioritize the actions, or maybe the technology or other services, needed to achieve those goals. So, while it may seem an exercise in undue process, goal-setting is really a way to organize your time and your priorities. Give it a try.

Need help starting, running, building or winding down your practice? Call us at Practice 2.0, 602-340-7332, for a quick question or a 30-minute consultation.

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