Wanna lose the “COVID 15?”

No, we aren’t talking about the coronavirus, although wouldn’t that be a treat? To just be able to “lose” it and forget it. It’s no secret, so we may as well admit it . . . unless you are very dedicated and very disciplined, chances are that you’ve let your normal eating habits slide – and have wholly or partly abandoned your exercise routine. So, we’ve all probably put on a few pounds in this last year of quarantining.

Maybe it’s time to take steps to address that. Not only is good nutrition and exercise good for us physically, it’s good for our mental health as well. Burning off stress with activity is much better for us than dulling it with alcohol or controlled substances.

Even though we should still be following physical distancing and quarantine practices as COVID rages on in Arizona and around the country, there are some small steps you can take on the way back to being your “old self.”

You might want to try The New York Times 7-minute standing workout. If you find you have more than 7 minutes, try these short workouts. Or try these tips on feeling motivated to eat better and exercise more in 2021.

Want to do more reading, here’s a good place to start.

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