Attend ABA TECHSHOW 2021

It’s almost here. ABA TECHSHOW, March 8 – 12, 2021. The annual gathering of lawyers, technologists, IT folks, educators, vendors and more to hear from the best of the best about all things legal technology and practice management. Of course, it’ll be no surprise that it’s virtual this year – for the first time ever. Check out the schedule at and then use code EP2101 at checkout for discounted registration.

Wavering on whether to attend? Just in case, here are our top 10 reasons you should come this year, even if you’ve never attended before. Warning: Attending TECHSHOW is habit-forming and once you attend you’ll want to come back in 2022!

10.         This year it costs exponentially less to come to ABA TECHSHOW.  In addition to the lower registration price ($350, or $295 with a special discount code) you get access to live programming March 8 – 12, 2021, from national experts.

9.           In addition to the week-long live TECHSHOW, you get 30 days of access to all sessions presented during TECHSHOW so you don’t have to have FOMO!

8.           There are no travel issues; you can attend from the comfort of your home, your office, or wherever you like.  It’s all virtual.  Break out those bunny slippers!

7.           There are sessions and tracks on almost anything you might want to know about legal technology, practice management, lawyer well-being, ethics, how to plan for the next normal (future-proofing your practice, virtual/remote practice), what’s coming up in the “next 20” and some old favorites like core concepts.  As always, we’ll end TECHSHOW with 60 in 60 – a fast-paced review of the best sites, apps, gadgets and gizmos.

6.           Great opportunities to network with your peers across North America during our themed Meet-ups and spontaneously catching up with friends and colleagues on the virtual platform.

5.           A line-up of great vendors, including many new ones, with products you’ve not seen before or need to see again.

4.           A whole track dedicated is dedicated to putting to use some of the practical skills you’ll have learned at TECHSHOW – our new Business Plan Boot Camp.  So if you are new, or new-ish, or have started a new practice, this track will send you home with practical “to-do” lists.  You’ll also get “bonus” content – short talks by veteran TECHSHOW speakers on a variety of topics.

3.           The TECHSHOW faculty.  Some are speakers you’ve loved in the past and will love again, many are new.  All are excited to share their knowledge and insights.  There will be solo presentations, panel discussions and plenty of time for you to ask questions.

2.           The fifth annual Start-Up Competition.  Start off your TECHSHOW week by weighing in on what new technology should win this annual event.  Our many entries have been whittled down to the 15 best, now you can weigh in on which is the best of the best.  Then take a closer look at them during TECHSHOW.

1.           Hear from TECHSHOW 2021’s amazing keynote speaker – Renee DiResta of the Stanford Internet Observatory (  This is a presentation you won’t want to miss!

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