TECHSHOW 2022 is almost here

Your Practice 2.0 advisors could not be more excited. The premier law practice management and legal technology show is almost here (March 2 - 5, 2022) and it's an in-person show this year. You know that we've waxed poetic about TECHSHOW in the past . . . and we are going to do it again.... Continue Reading →

Client selection and avoiding headaches

You've had them and you've heard nightmare stories about them - the clients you knew you shouldn't have agreed to represent, the ones that seem questionable but you convince yourself will turn out alright. Our colleagues Jim Calloway, director of the Oklahoma Bar Association's Practice Management Assistance Program, and Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of the... Continue Reading →

Marketing in the Next Normal

Marketing is always a challenge for lawyers, and particularly for solo practitioners and small firms. Perhaps the last 16 months have been the slowest you've encountered, or if you are lucky, maybe they've been the best. Either way, the steps you took to market yourself and your firm's services don't need to disappear now that... Continue Reading →

Don’t wanna Zoom?

We've all been using video-conferencing more than we had ever dreamt we would, or might, right? While Microsoft Teams and Zoom appear to have been the predominant choices of 2020 and continuing into 2021, they aren't the only choices. This guide to some of the features offered by Webex, including end-to-end encryption, may make this... Continue Reading →

Privacy tips

Do you remember when your information was yours to share or not share? Those days are gone, my friends. But there are ways in which you may protect yourself - at least to some extent. Check out this article from our North Carolina Bar Association colleague, Catherine Sanders Reach, for explanations and suggestions.

Password Managers

We are not alone in encouraging lawyers (and non-lawyers for that matter) to use a password manager. There are many available, and like most technology, each is slightly different. Here's some guidance on features to look for and use, and some tips as well. Are we recommending one over the other? No. The software you'll... Continue Reading →

To VPN or not to VPN

Most of us have been working remotely full-time, or at least part-time since March 2020. In that time we've learned a lot about remote working and how our technology works or does not work. In the rush to shelter in place and work from home, particularly for those who were not already lawyering in a... Continue Reading →

Working From Home – Cybersecurity Tips

Since so many of us have been WFH (working from home), we've likely learned some important lessons about our technology. Think you've learned what you need to know about cybersecurity? Read these tips from our friends at Sensei Enterprises and see how you are doing. Want to hear more from Sharon Nelson and John Simek,... Continue Reading →

Do you have a succession plan?

Making a succession plan is like making a will. Sometimes people avoid doing it because they think if they don't nothing bad will happen to them. But with the pandemic raging on, particularly in Arizona, this is not the time magical thinking. If you don't have a succession plan for your practice, particularly if you... Continue Reading →

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